“In striving to achieve industry standard business performance, it is our policy to seek to prevent all accidents and incidents and continuously improve our health, safety and environmental management through implementation of our HSE Management System”

Sean Guest
Chief Executive Officer

To achieve this we will:

Conduct our business in a manner that provides the highest practicable standards of health and safety for our workforce and protection for the environment;

Whenever our business activities expose the safety of people or the environment to unacceptable risk these activities will stop until the risk has been mitigated. Everyone has the authority and responsibility to stop acts they believe unsafe, without fear of blame;

Health, safety and environmental concerns can be openly discussed by any personnel involved with our business activities and, where necessary, brought to senior management’s attention with our full support and without the risk of blame;

Responsibility for health, safety and protection of the environment lies with line management, supported and facilitated by functional advisers;

All relevant legal requirements, Company standards and industry standards adopted by our Company should be fully complied with;

If an accident should occur, in order of priority, the effect on people, the environment and operating equipment will be minimized. All accidents and incidents shall be appropriately reported and investigated with learnings disseminated internally and externally as appropriate;

We shall train our employees and contractors to an appropriate level so that, with the application of knowledge and skill, they may fully implement this policy;

When working on our behalf, contractors, suppliers and partners should apply standards of safety, health and environmental management which are consistent with our policy

We will support the health of our staff through programs and medical fitness and checkups;

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