Health, Safety and Environment


As an oil and gas company, Bukit Energy helps to meet the demand for hydrocarbons while operating in a responsible and transparent way. Managing the impacts of our activities, whether related to operational safety, environmental, ethical, social or worker performance is an integral part of how we do business. Bukit’s concern for health, safety, and the environment is the primary consideration directing all decisions made by the company, the board, management and staff. Bukit is a safe place to work and we respect all stakeholders and our environments.


To achieve the above objectives Bukit Energy will promote a culture within the company in which all employees share HSE commitment and are involved in the implementation of the HSE management systems with SARI principles.

Plan ahead to be safe, work hard to stay safe – All business shall be conducted with reasonable and measured consideration of any safety and security issues throughout the extent of the activity.

Work for Bukit to accomplish our goals – All business activities shall be conducted with the interests of the company in mind and with the ultimate goal of benefitting its stakeholders.

Work as a team and treat everyone with respect – All business shall be conducted with due respect to others and to the environment.

Be forthright and honest in all of our dealings – All business shall be undertaken with measured consideration of the potential impact of activity on the reputation of the corporation and conducted within the accepted practices and laws of the operating environment.

If you have comments or questions about Bukit Energy HSE policies or actions we encourage you to email us at

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