Bukit Energy considers HSE as a top priority and promotes and emphasizes an active HSE corporate culture to all people working for us.

Ensuring Personnel Safety
Safe operation is a paramount goal for Bukit Energy. Everyone working for Bukit is expected to have the same commitment in ensuring that safety remains a priority. Leadership from management and management visibility on safety is critical for our operation.  And it is our commitment  that if operational results and safety ever come into conflict, our employees and contractors have a responsibility to choose safety.

Working together with our contractor
Our contractor selection progress requires alignment of both companies HSE objectives and the ability to work together to achieve them.

Utilizing Risk Assesment Process
An operation inherently has risk potential for our personnel, our assets and our business, and all operations require risk mitigation assessment to reduce risk to an As Low As Reasonably Practicable (ALARP) level by using all available risk management tools.

Encouraging safety culture
We place a strong emphasis on peer-to-peer observations and supervisor mentoring to raise awareness of hazards and correct safety behaviours. We strive to reinforce these programs in our operations.


Bukit is committed to full compliance to Environmental Law and to protecting the environment while conducting our business.

Environmental planning
Within Bukit Energy, we carefully plan our project to comply with the environmental requirement by identifying environmental risks and structure our approach to minimize the impact to the environment. To enable this for any project we undertake we will conduct an environmental study, implement the defined plan and monitor our compliance to the plan.

Waste management
Within Bukit Energy, we will manage waste generated during our operation to avoid any contamination to the environment. This involves a waste management plan, carefull implementation of the plan and monitoring disposal of the waste. Within our waste management plan, we identify appropriate disposal solutions  based on the nature of the waste material.

Spill prevention
Within Bukit Energy, we will avoid any environmental contamination. Within our operation a spill prevention plan will always be generated and any spill incident will be investigated and corrected. We will also provide our personnel with spill prevention training and spill response as well as providing spill response equipment.

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